Welcome to Rocket Mail

careyRocketMail is a full service Mailing House operating from premises in the Rosebank Road Industrial area in West Auckland.

You will find our team of twelve provide the ideal solution for handling smaller runs (up to 20,000 through the film wraps and up to 50,000 through our envelope inserters). Our tight-knit team work very hard and very efficiently to provide you with a professional , comprehensive range of Mailing House and Mail Processing Services.

If you value a very personal, professional, hands on service, you’ll soon understand why we choose to stay at this size, servicing those with smaller run Mailing House needs. Our staff are all long serving, very capable, and very aware of the fact that  by giving our clients the best service that we possibly  can, they will stay loyal to us, and also recommend us to their Business Associates.

Our team is our greatest strength, enabling  production scheduling and timelines  for all aspects of a mailing to be very controlled,  mainly because there are only a few people involved in this process . Similarly, you’ll find job specifications , quality control and accuracy are all subject to the same controls.

When you need to get your mail out accurately and on time, call RocketMail!