Once we have received items, or printed them in-house and they have been folded to the appropriate size where necessary, we will insert them.

Where there are several items being mailed together, we will first collate them in order as per instructions, and then we can insert into an envelope, film-wrap them or pack into boxes or courier bags as required.

For bulk letter mailouts of DL or Maxpop size, we will often use our machine to insert as part of the folding process, which makes this type of mailer more cost effective and allows us to handle large bulk mail easily and quickly.

We will hand insert in cases where we have items of varying sizes, or specialty items and page-specific inserts.

A few examples of the type of inserts we handle are;

  • Letters / Statements into DL or Maxpop envelopes.
  • Multiple page A4 reports and a cover letter into C4 envelopes.
  • Magazines, with a promotional flyer inserted between page 12 and 13, with a shampoo sampler inside, to be filmwrapped.
  • Toothbrushes inserted into a small box which we have folded here.
  • Cover letter, A3 posters and vegetable seed packets, to be film-wrapped.
  • Posters into a mailing tube.

Once we have inserted to specifications, we will seal the envelopes / boxes or filmwrap the mailer and apply labels when required.
This will then be ready for the mail preparation stage.

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