Sometimes we receive pre-folded items (such as brochures, flyers etc) and we can skip this step.

With items that we have printed here (see printing) or items that arrive in a different size or shape to what is optimal for lodgement, we will fold them here.

The main type folding we do is A4 size to DL (standard envelope size) and this is usually carried out on our folding machine and can often be inserted at the same time.

This is the most common method for bulk mail-outs such as sending regular statements out to clients. Our machine will do the folding and can add several other peices (inserts) before inserting into the DL or Maxpop envelope and sealing the flap. This is an affordable option as it is mostly automated, and is able to handle large volumes easily.

We also fold flyers or posters of any size down as needed.

Some items require hand-folding (such as booklets or brochures that are too thick for the machine), or if we need to collate several items together before folding.

We also hand fold specialist jobs; such as a custom-made gift boxes to be assembled prior to inserting items.

Talk to us about your campaign requirements today, we will help you to find a solution that works.
Often campaign materials will need to be inserted into an envelope, filmwraped or boxed / packaged prior to lodgement.

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