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Have you got the best address data SOA?


Our data team will receive your customer mailing list, which is usually provided in an excel format. This is generally from the client company database and includes information such as; customer name, company name, postal / physical address and reference numbers. 
As the database may have been maintained by several people within an organisation, they are not always kept in a consistent format (e.g. some records may have address line 1 as the company name, while other may have used that field for the first line of the postal address, or the format may be unsuitable e.g. town name included in the street address field). Before we can assess the data, we ensure it is correctly formatted, tidy, and fix any abbreviations or split address fields that may cause issues.
 If the size of the mailing will benefit from bulk mail discounts, we will issue an SOA or Statement of Accuracy for your data. Having an SOA can save you anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to thousands on each mailing, depending on the address accuracy we are able to achieve, how big the mailing list is and how many times a year the same mailing list is used. 
We can hold your database and update it as needed (adding / removing addresses) – Or we can return the data to you to re-import into your system in the corrected format for future use.
What is a Statement of Accuracy? (SOA)

A Statement of Accuracy is an electronic certificate showing the percentage of addresses in your address mailing list or database that are valid matches against the New Zealand Post Postal Address File (PAF).

The PAF is New Zealand Post’s definitive file of New Zealand postal addresses within our delivery network. It includes around 1.8 million delivery addresses and is an electronic file of data which can be licensed directly from New Zealand Post.

Having a minimum 80% or over accuracy rate for your customer addresses means New Zealand Post can deliver your mail efficiently and accurately, this reduces costs on postage significantly.

Valid for 12 months, your Statement of Accuracy requires an identification number and percentage rating which must be declared against all Bulk Mail lodgements on a Statement of Posting, i.e. an AR19N or Lodgement Manager Manifest. You must renew your Statement of Accuracy every 12 months for it to remain valid, otherwise you will not be eligible for Bulk Mail rates.

Why is a Statement of Accuracy so important?

A Statement of Accuracy SOA of 80% or higher qualifies your mailing for Bulk Mail discounts (refer Volume Post) in most cases this will effectively half your postal costs so depending on the volume of items you are mailing (min 300 at any one time) and the regularity of your mailings is an important consideration for all mailers.

There are 4 SOA bands (4,3,2,1) SOA 4 being the highest price and least optimal and SOA1 being the most optimal with the lowest price.

Rocket Mail are specialists in ensuring your data is presented for SOA certification in the most efficient manner to provide you with the best chance of achieving the highest possible SOA percentage (SOA 1 95% plus)

Contact us today to find out how we can improve your current SOA or undertake a new SOA for your address data.

It is important to note that we treat all data as private and confidential. We do not share your database with 3rd parties, and we do not sell or supply databases (generic or otherwise). We sign a Confidentiality Agreement when taking on new clients so that you can have piece of mind that your information and data will not be shared or used for any purpose other than managing your mailout. 
Once the SOA has been issued, we can go ahead and use the data for printing labels, envelopes, directly onto a postcard or whichever is appropriate for your mailout.

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