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Mail Preparation

Mail preparation is the process of getting the mailer ready to be lodged, and then lodging it with the most appropriate delivery agent.

For mailers over 300 items, the mail must be kept in postcode order for it to quality for the bulk mail discounts. We ensure the mailer maintains postcode order throughout the data, printing, folding and inserting processes, and check at the end before lodging.

Enveloped mailers are put into postal trays, film wrapped items are strapped together and then stacked for collection by New Zealand Post.
We will check that the mailers comply with NZ Post's requirements and get you the best postal rates we can for your mail-out. 

Any boxed items, courier bags, postal tubes etc will be collected by the relevent courier. The couriers pick up from us several times a day, so as soon as the mail preparation is complete it will go on the next delivery run.

We can use a clients existing postal account for the postal charges so that you are charged directly by NZ Post, or we can lodge on our account on your behalf so that you just receive one invoice with all of the mailhouse work and postage included together. 

Once we have sent your mailer out the door, we will take stock of any remaining products (left over magazines, posters, samples) and advise you so that we can organise a courier to return this to you.

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