Mail Processing

Mail Processing Services

Your mail processing can be completed with excellence and precision by Rocketmail due to our broad spectrum mail processing capabilities.

This includes:

Mechanical envelope inserting (four machines) folding machines folding from A2 sheet size down  (three machines)

five small film wrap machines and one flow wrap .

In addition to our prime machines, our mail processing extends to the operation of quite a number of ancillary machines and even a hand processing line for work that cannot be handled mechanically.

Your mailing can be completed alongside as many as 20 different client mailings without any reduction in the speed or accuracy of your particular mailing. in  one.

We can achieve this for you because many mailings require the same mechanical processing so we utilize numerous machines for each process. The end result is that no-ones processing is held up at any particular point by another client’s job being on that machine.  Many hands make light work and many machines make work flow faster!

The final step in our mail processing service sees all mail leaving our premises in trays and tagged in Post Code sequence, or strapped and tagged in bundles to meet NZ Post requirements.