Data Processing

Data Processing:

Data Processing is the key factor in all of the work that we do.

The initial stage is receipt of the data and checking the tidiness of that data.

Many files are tidy and require very little cleansing on our part. Other files may require quite a lot of reformatting and tidying. In any case, we will ensure your data is fit to proceed to the next step – no shortcuts are taken!

Data Processing will also include De-duping (?) data files, upper and lower case conversion and post coding.

You can receive discounts from NZ Post on bulk mailouts! Just allow us to process your mailing data through to the issue of a Statement of Accuracy.

Data Production Options

Laser Printing:

Single colour (black ) onto either single  or double sided  –   up to A3 sheet size

Multi colour with variable data- single or double sided  –  up to A3 Sheet size

Ink jetting:  

High speed ink jetting of addresses onto envelopes or brochures or address carrier sheets via single colour ink jets.

Printing and addressing of envelopes , A4  letters and A4 Carrier sheets via full colour  ink jets .

Address labels:

Printing of address details onto  Permit  Printed  address labels –usually  for mailings from our film wraps